ROV & Umbilicals

In the year 2018 Amokabel invested in a new production facility to enable production of underwater control cables to the ROV market. We can supply reliable and robust cables for standard applications but also for new applications in accordance to customer specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities include lightweight, neutral, or buoyant for a variety of underwater applications. We can use specifically designed insulations, fibre-optic components, aramid and a wide spread of low-density plastics. 

Amokabel umbilicals are used in interconnecting subsea installations; connecting subsea installations to fixed and floating platforms as well as connecting systems to shore. We can manufacture cables with many layers of steel wire and include optic fibres, low voltage signal cables and low voltage power cables.

Please contact our design team if you have any questions or requests.

Custom design solutions subsea

Söker du Custom design solutions subsea

A large part of our production is customized solutions. Contact us for more information.

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