Jan and Erland Foundation

Amokabel are since 2016 mainly owned by a foundation. The main reason that the owners ceded control to a foundation is to secure the future of the group's establishment in Alstermo and to ensure that a portion of future profits go to the region.

Eligible to apply is resident/active in the former Älghult municipality, Uppvidinge municipality and Småland and the Foundation's purpose are to:

  • promoting the region's economy by contributing to development projects
  • promoting the region's youth organisations and/or sporting activities
  • promoting training within  electricity and electronics
  • providing grants or scholarships for education and/or competence development, preferably to people with a connection to Amokabel AB
  • promoting environmental activities with a focus on sustainability

Contributions are given annually. Application time is 1 sept. until 31 Oct.


Board from left to right: Erland Erlandsson, Ola Wilhelmsson, Åke Carlson, Jan Blad and Johnny Karlsson.

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