Amo specialkabel AB was founded in 1992 and was the first company in the Group. By continually evaluating new materials, we stay at the forefront in the development of new cables, which has meant that so far, we have manufactured almost 5,000 different cable constructions.

We produce special cable with different structures: solid, flexible or extra flexible conductors for low temperatures (-60° C) or high temperatures (+180° C), plain copper wire, tin-coated or flexible aluminium. We have a variety of insulating materials such as PVC, Halogen-free Polyofin, PP, XLPE, TPE, PE, PUR, EPR and silicone. We can manufacture according to customer specifications and special requirements. We can also offer many types of packaging such as custom boxes, plastic spools and barrels.

We have more than 50 employees who jointly manage multiple extrusion lines, cabling machines and machines for braiding/reinforcement. All our production is order-based. By being quick in providing quotes, producing and delivering, as well as being flexible in developing special cables according to individual customer needs and requests, we are a strong player in the industry.

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